Hotel services

Шведский стол

From 7:30 to 11:00 Arbat house hotel offers its guests a Breakfast buffet, which is included in the room rate. In case the check-out time is expected before Breakfast, our guests can order a lunch box at the reception.

Обед / ужин в нашем ресторане
Lunch or dinner at extra charge

Guests at Arbat House can enjoy delicious Russian and European dishes at BB Café Restaurant. For guests who book a room directly, a special discount is provided - 10%

Обслуживание в номерах
Room service

Arbat house guests can enjoy russian and european cuisine without leaving the hotel room, just call the extension number 1523 and order your favorite dish. Room-service is open from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Утренняя побудка
Wake-up call

Arbat house guests can order a "Wake-up call" service, just contact the hotel reception or call the extension number 1100 and announce the desired time of awakening.


Laundry service is available at an additional cost. To make a non-urgent order, you can leave your clothes in a special bag with a filled form on the bed, to make an urgent order, please contact the reception, or call the extension number 1100.

Визовая поддержка
Visa support

All guests who book a room at the Arbat house hotel can use a visa support service. On our website you can find the section "visa support" and follow a step by step instruction, or contact the reservation department for all your questions.

Бесплатная камера хранения
Free Luggage storage

Arbat house guests can use a free "Luggage storage". It is enough to arrange your luggage at the front desk and you can pick it up later at any convenient time of the day.

Экскурсионные услуги
Excursion service

Arbat house hotel offers its guests an excursion services at special rates.

Услуги гидов-переводчиков
Guide-interpreter services

Arbat house hotel offers its guests the services of guide-interpreters at special rates.

Свежая пресса
Daily press

Guests can find the daily press in the lobby.

Банкомат / обмен валюты

On the ground floor of the hotel there are two ATMs, access to which is open 24 hours. For the convenience of visitors in the lobby of the hotel "Arbat house" provides the presence of an ATM through which our guests can cash out funds from plastic cards, exchange currency, pay bills, fines, make remote transfers.

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